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Corvettes United
30th Show N' Shine

Hebert's Candy Mansion; Shrewsbury, MA
June 5, 2005

Attendance was down considerably this year, in spite of the good weather.

Leaving for Shrewsbury.

"Tune-up" ritual - I ain't tellin' where!

Arrival at Hebert's.

Setup in the usual location. A beautiful day, but HOT!
05_7740s.jpg (164896 bytes)
  05_7743s.jpg (233761 bytes)

These 7 shots pan nearly 360 degrees from my location.
05_7749s.jpg (166702 bytes)
05_7750s.jpg (149620 bytes) 05_7751s.jpg (176050 bytes) 05_7752s.jpg (210170 bytes) 05_7753s.jpg (219280 bytes) 05_7755s.jpg (328088 bytes) 05_7756s.jpg (237526 bytes)

A pair of 53-C5 Commemorative Editions.
05_7757s.jpg (162459 bytes)

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