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Click to see a large panoramic of the show field.

Spindle City Corvettes Harvest of Vettes
Kimball Farm; Westford, MA
September 16, 2007

Off to the Farm!
07_1578s.jpg (264382 bytes)


The setup for the beautiful day.
07_1582s.jpg (557421 bytes)


The view.
07_1587s.jpg (539891 bytes)
 07_1586s.jpg (528283 bytes) 07_1585s.jpg (510990 bytes) 07_1584s.jpg (580466 bytes)


This gorgeous 62 caught my attention. Grandfather/grandson team.
07_1597s.jpg (599721 bytes)
  07_1599s.jpg (570049 bytes)  07_1600s.jpg (569011 bytes)
07_1601e.jpg (570772 bytes)  07_1603s.jpg (475781 bytes)


My daughter Christy & husband Nils, who live in nearby Bedford,
stopped by so I could check out her beautiful new Harley.

07_1606s.jpg (554913 bytes)
  07_1608s.jpg (522309 bytes)


When it came time for my pick for the Sandy Labaree Heartbeat of America Award,
there was no hesitation - it went to George Elwell (II & IV).

07_1618s.jpg (577815 bytes)
  07_1619s.jpg (1305317 bytes)


Another view of the show field as it starts to break up.
07_1623s.jpg (479444 bytes)


Afterwards, Joe & Carol Michalik hosted Gate City for a cookout. Not much variety out front: I counted 9 red, 4 silver and a white. Check the underside of Joe's ZR-1!

07_1638s.jpg (512902 bytes)
07_1631s.jpg (537334 bytes)  07_1634s.jpg (500788 bytes)
07_1637s.jpg (889513 bytes)  


Final stats.
07_1643s.jpg (210958 bytes)
  07_1644s.jpg (208321 bytes)


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