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Harvest of Vettes
Spindle City Corvettes
Chelmsford, MA Elks Club
Sept. 14, 2003

Leaving home Saturday afternoon, to spend the night with my daughter
& her husband in Bedford, MA, about 15 minutes from the show site.

DCP_3710s.jpg (45887 bytes)

Although it turned out to be a nice day overall, it started out quite threatening,
which kept the attendance down. Many attendees started out or came
through rain to get there.

DCP_3720s.jpg (127941 bytes)
  DCP_3722s.jpg (65032 bytes)  DCP_3726s.jpg (119290 bytes)  DCP_3730s.jpg (133621 bytes)

Bill Balcom's Viper Red (yes, Viper!) was my pick for the
"Sandy Labaree Heartbeat of America award".

DCP_3729s.jpg (124558 bytes)

After the show, we convoyed to Joe & Carol Michalik's house
for a classic Gate City Corvette Club cookout.

DCP_3735s.jpg (83429 bytes)
  DCP_3736s.jpg (81993 bytes)  DCP_3742s.jpg (133789 bytes)
DCP_3744s.jpg (124749 bytes)  DCP_3745s.jpg (121020 bytes)

Looking at this scene, and this whole page for that matter,
it would appear true that "All Corvettes Are Red"!
DCP_3746s.jpg (97415 bytes)  DCP_3748s.jpg (106600 bytes)

Back home again; final stats.
DCP_3750s.jpg (30410 bytes)  DCP_3751s.jpg (28816 bytes)  DCP_3758s.jpg (24595 bytes)

Thanks to the Spindle City club who presented me with a nice
check for $100 to the American Cancer Society. This, plus the
$124 that I collected at my table, brought the total for the
American Cancer Society to
for this event, which I sent to the ACS office in Byfield, MA.


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