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The Vets with Vettes Roaming Gnome
It is passed from member to member. The custodian takes
it for a period and documents its travels with photos.

April 23, 2011: Home Depot show in Huntsville, where I first got custody.
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Travel companion
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Saturn 5 and SR71 "Blackbird" at Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville AL
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Saturn 5 from seat of Vette on I-565
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National Corvette Museum; C5/C6 Bash 2011
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Club Brick & members Ted & Betty Whitney and Sheila & Edd Chenoweth in front of Museum
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Corvette Assembly Plant
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Tadge Juechter, Corvette Chief Engineer
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Ray Krawczyk, Corvette Performance Mgr, retired
g_2982.jpg (180556 bytes)

Wendell Strode, Executive Director, National Corvette Museum
g_2983.jpg (179452 bytes)

Tom Wallace, Corvette Chief Engineer, retired
g_2984.jpg (183915 bytes)

Doug Fehan, Corvette Racing Program Mgr
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Corvette Racing #3 pair: Tommy Milner, Driver, and Dan Binks, Crew Chief
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Sonny Kilgo, Corvette Plant Action Team Mgr, retired
g_2987.jpg (165233 bytes)

Dan Adovasio, C5/C6 Registry co-founder
g_2997.jpg (178669 bytes)

Kirk Bennion, Corvette Exterior Designer
g_3032.jpg (189037 bytes)

Ed Saari, Corvette Adventures Director
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Marshall Fancher, Corvettes Conquer Cancer sponsor
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Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Mgr, & Steve Grilli, Corvette Plant Quality Mgr, retired
g_3049.jpg (193067 bytes)

Art Spong, Brand Quality Group Mgr, Performance Cars/Corvette, retired
g_3050.jpg (176144 bytes)

Ray Battaglini, Corvette Museum Founding Member
g_3051.jpg (177237 bytes)

Dave Tatman, Corvette Plant Mgr, retired
g_3052.jpg (197357 bytes)

Wil Cooksey, Corvette Plant Mgr, retired, with club members Edd & Sheila Chenoweth
g_3063.jpg (178222 bytes)

The Baymont beer truck
g_3023.jpg (135460 bytes)

Carlisle Fairground, May 7, 2011
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Historic US Route 66, June 2014

Art Deco Conoco Station\U-Drop Inn, Shamrock TX
June 26, 2014




Cadillac Ranch
Amarillo TX
June 27, 2014



Wigwam Motel
Holbrook, AZ
June 27, 2014

Geronimo's Trading Post
Holbrook AZ
June 27, 2014


"Standin' On The Corner"
Winslow, AZ
June 27, 2014


Delgadillo's Snow Cap
Seligman, AZ
June 28, 2014




Highway Earth Show
Franklin Canyon
Beverly Hills, CA
June 29, 2014

Franklin Canyon is the location used in the opening and many other scenes on "The Andy Griffith Show"




Providence Main Car Show, Huntsville AL
October 22



American Cancer Society Office
Huntsville AL
October 23, 2017



Rocket Republic Brewing Co
Madison AL
October 29, 2017


The founder/owner, Eric Crigger

Dave Smith (always in motion) and Heather Gentle

Amber, in a Real Men Wear Pink shirt

And behind her, the actual brewery where it all happens.



Huntsville Veterans Parade
November 11, 2017