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Gate City/Lakes Region Cruise

Gate City Corvette Club
Club Picture


Saturday, October 1, 2005

A beautiful early Fall day for a very pleasant Corvette cruise from Bedford, NH to Mt. Wachusett in North/Central Massachusetts. 19 Vettes enjoyed the cruise: 10 from Lakes Region club, 6 from Gate City, 2 from Connecticut, and yours truly from Maine, although I should be counted with the Gate City group. Many thanks to Hank Vezina of Gate City Corvette Club for putting this together.

Early departure from Maine.

Picturesque fog-shrouded Bath, Maine at dawn.
05_9308s.jpg (69126 bytes)

The Vettes gathered at Macy's in Bedford, NH.
05_9310s.jpg (146087 bytes)
  05_9312s.jpg (119336 bytes)

At one of the stops to regroup after all the lights getting out of Bedford,
I couldn't resist this shot of Joe Tursi's plate. Most Corvette people can relate to that!

05_9318s.jpg (241726 bytes)

After a pretty "spirited" ride led by Hank (driving Sally Mele's C5 - he had
sold his the day before) over some fun roads, the first stop was the
Wachusett Brewing Company in Westminster MA.

05_9327s.jpg (161524 bytes)
  05_9332s.jpg (337346 bytes)  05_9336s.jpg (178884 bytes)
05_9338s.jpg (177548 bytes)  05_9342s.jpg (180727 bytes)

Next was a great lunch at the nearby 1761 Old Mill Inn.
05_9348s.jpg (237014 bytes)
  05_9352s.jpg (199867 bytes)
05_9355s.jpg (171020 bytes)  05_9356s.jpg (151694 bytes)  05_9358s.jpg (248203 bytes)

The final attraction was the run to the top of Mt. Wachusett.
It was a spectacular view on this gorgeous Fall day... even without the Corvettes.
The Boston skyline was easily seen, 45 miles to the East.

05_9359s.jpg (165502 bytes)
  05_9363s.jpg (148913 bytes)
05_9366s.jpg (117316 bytes)  05_9369s.jpg (150736 bytes)  05_9373s.jpg (120001 bytes)

The group scattered from there for the drive home.

This is the road down the mountain, and the Old Mill Inn from the road.
05_9379s.jpg (177820 bytes)
  05_9381s.jpg (174862 bytes)

Final stats for a very enjoyable day with a great bunch of people.
Thanks Hank!


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