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EMC, Franklin MA
June 24, 2007

This was a very interesting, and successful, experiment: Mustangs and Corvettes, showing directly against each other in the same classes. Each class had a pair of judges, 1 Corvette person and 1 Mustang person working as a team. In addition, 2 "Best in Show" trophies were awarded: 1 Mustang and 1 Corvette. Each entry and each trophy scored points for Mustang or Corvette toward the overall "Challenge" award. The club with the most participants for their marque took home the Challenge trophy.

6:00 am departure for southern MA.

These shots are the panorama of view from my table.
07_6602s.jpg (669203 bytes)
  07_6604s.jpg (677658 bytes)  07_6605s.jpg (725850 bytes)  07_6606s.jpg (726996 bytes)  07_6607s.jpg (702126 bytes)

07_6621s.jpg (665497 bytes)

This Mustang immediately caught my eye: spectacular!
The judges evidently agreed - it won Best in Show for Mustangs!

07_6627s.jpg (714377 bytes)
  07_6629s.jpg (719038 bytes)  07_6631s.jpg (727063 bytes)  07_6633s.jpg (805458 bytes)  07_6635s.jpg (722058 bytes)

This Resto-rod 62 Vette was also a stunner.
07_6636s.jpg (810587 bytes)
  07_6638s.jpg (710188 bytes)  07_6639s.jpg (641830 bytes)  07_6641s.jpg (642519 bytes)

This racer was right next to it.
07_6643s.jpg (778297 bytes)

It did seem strange to see Mustangs next to Corvettes in the class lineups.
07_6642s.jpg (684822 bytes)
  07_6650s.jpg (729184 bytes)

At Trophy time, I was called up front along with a representative of the
Shriners Burn Centers. We were each presented with a check for
$1750.00 by Corvettes United.
But then the speaker said that they were not satisfied with that amount and
decided to change it. They erased the "1" and in its place wrote in...

a "3" !!!

07-DSC01580s.jpg (714185 bytes)
  07-DSC01581s.jpg (687183 bytes)

07-DSC01582s.jpg (723242 bytes)  07_6661s.jpg (687969 bytes)


This was a result of EMC contributing a matching
(over-matching?) $2000.00.

Thank you Corvettes United and EMC!

Oh, by the way, Corvette won the Challenge, Gate City Corvette Club
took home the trophy for their participation, and Gate City's
Joe Michalik won Best Engine and Corvette Best in Show with his ZR1!

Corvettes Take the Cup s.jpg (702361 bytes) corvette Best of Show s.jpg (710968 bytes)

Final stats back at home.


FWIW: On the way home I caught these 2 shots of an unfamiliar vehicle with a Chevy nameplate and the familiar Bowtie. "Chevy", not "Chevrolet". I have no clue what it is, and I can't read the license plate clearly enough to identify it, but I don't believe it is a US state plate. Any ideas out there?

07_6663s.jpg (582840 bytes)  07_6664s.jpg (596306 bytes)


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