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Fall Brawl
Corvettes United
Hebert's Candy Mansion
Shrewsbury, MA

Sept 21, 2003

Yes, an early start.
DCP_3758s.jpg (24595 bytes)

The weather couldn't have been any better! This was a "mixed show", unusual for us,
with all types of cars represented. This was the season wrap-up for the very popular
Cruise Nights held by Corvettes United at Hebert's every Thursday night all summer.

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  DCP_3765s.jpg (95623 bytes)
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  DCP_3770s.jpg (131419 bytes)  DCP_3768s.jpg (136955 bytes)

One of the outstanding street rods. What a gorgeous interior!
DCP_3792s.jpg (135305 bytes)
  DCP_3793s.jpg (157499 bytes)  DCP_3794s.jpg (95192 bytes)

My vote for the "If-More-Is-Better-Then-Too-Much-Is-Just-Right" award!
DCP_3807s.jpg (166162 bytes)
  DCP_3808s.jpg (135307 bytes)  DCP_3809s.jpg (112006 bytes)  DCP_3810s.jpg (137583 bytes)

Trophy time, featuring spectacular special trophies by Reggie Gauthier.
DCP_3783s.jpg (148569 bytes)
  DCP_3785s.jpg (96385 bytes)

Corvettes United presented me with a $300 check for the American Cancer Society.
This plus the $93 I collected at the table, brought the
ACS total to $393.00 for this event.
This amount was sent to the ACS office in Natick, MA.

Thank you Corvettes United!
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Final stats.
DCP_3817s.jpg (28385 bytes)  DCP_3815s.jpg (28770 bytes)  DCP_3816s.jpg (29190 bytes)  DCP_3818s.jpg (28711 bytes)


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