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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 8
Tuesday, May 9

Start from Super 8, Tulsa

Breakfast @ Ollies Station



Sapulpa OK

More murals


Bristow OK

2 very distinctive church styles



Davenport OK



Chandler OK


Visit with Jerry McClanahan, historian, artist and author of EZ66, the ultimate guide to driving Historic Route 66.
Click to visit his website

A really nice, FUN guy!    






Luther OK

More murals



Arcadia OK

The Arcadia OK "Round Barn"


Edmond OK

University of Central OK


Oklahoma City OK

Oklahoma City National Memorial
The 2nd National Historic Site of our trip

This is the entrance. Click photo for my walk through.


Still in OKC

Another Historic Route 66 eatery


Bethany OK

Classic old Route 66 bridge


Yukon OK



Bridgeport OK



Hinton OK

The 38 span Pony Bridge across the South Canadian River
Also known as the Camelback Bridge

A look through the side



Clinton OK

The White Dog Hill Restaurant
Another Historic Route 66 landmark

"Come for the view, Stay for the food"
Arrow points to the restaurant up on the hill


      Day 8 ends @ Super 8 in Clinton OK  

That figures to 263 miles for the day.



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