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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 31
Thursday, June 1


Santa Rosa CA

Breakfast @ Sam's


Jenner CA

PCH gets more interesting

Road work: one lane at a time


Point Arena CA

Point Arena Lighthouse


Manchester CA


Elk CA


Fort Bragg CA

For some reason this caught my eye. No, I didn't stop - too early in the day.


Westport CA


Leggett CA

A recent slide under repair

PCH ends here, dumping onto US-101 to the Oregon border and beyond.

Just before getting on 101 is this treat:
the Drive Through Tree

I drove past it at first - it didn't look possible to drive through it.

That gave me the chance to see some beautiful chain saw sculpture that I missed the first time around.

The gatekeeper assured me that a Suburban drove through it the week
before, and he had been through it in his own Corvette. Ok, let's do it!

Quite a few scrape marks along the walls!

This was the actual clearance with the mirror!

Check the fender clearance in the mirror...

Click to view dashcam video on YouTube

We made it!!!

Onward onto US-101 North


Eureka CA

Next 3 photos are at the same spot

REALLY good calamari!

Seen on the way back to the hotel...


End Day 31


277 very scenic miles for the day

That's 6956.5 miles from Chicago start



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