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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 3
Thursday, May 4

McLean IL

View from my Super 8 room: Pouring rain and howling wind!

Laptop displaying scanned pages from
Jerry McClanahan's guide book - EZ66

Across from the Super 8 - the landmark Dixie Truckers Home.

Historic 66 pretty much parallels I-55 (on left) through IL. I stayed on 66 the entire way.


Atlanta IL

Historic octagonal library


Giant # 2

This explains the Giants' history, and the location of the 2 others in Illinois. One we've already seen.


Lincoln IL

After a day & a half of trying to follow the incredibly detailed EZ66 guide book
w/o a navigator, I decided to go it intuitively: Watch for these Historic Route 66 signs
and always stick with the 1926-1930 version if there is a choice. It worked well, and
became spontaneous for the rest of the trip. Anything that looked interesting, I stopped.
I didn't know or care in the morning where I stopped for the night, as long as it was
somewhere along 66. The drive became SO MUCH more relaxing from that point on!

    The Courthouse

Two versions here - 1926-30 and 1930-40.


Lincoln Historic Museum (Doesn't count for trip museum total - I didn't go in)


Broadwell IL

Site of the landmark Pig Hip Restaurant. Long gone, but not forgotten.


Williamsville IL


Sherman IL


Springfield IL


The landmark Cozy Drive In, home of the legendary Cozy Dog.
Founded by Bob Waldmire's parents and still family run.



The State Capitol


Dinner & a great selection of Craft Beer.

End of Day 3

187 miles, zero Interstate miles!



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