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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 24
Thursday, May 25

This is the day I reached the END of Historic Route 66!


Early start from Burbank Ramada Inn

Santa Monica CA

45 minutes later and straight ahead, the first glimpse of the Pier where Historic Route 66 ends.

(Screen shot from dashcam video)

(Screen shot from dashcam video)

(Screen shot from dashcam video)

There it is! "End of the Trail"

Unlike when I was here with my daughter in 2014, thanks to the early hour,
this time I was able to drive all the way to the end of the Pier.

(Screen shot from dashcam video)

Out over the Pacific!


End of the Trail!

2 Salutes to Rocket Republic Brewing Co.

5454.1 miles from Chicago Start of Historic Route 66

Remember, the damn Trip Odometer resets every 2000 miles)


Historic Route 66 Mission Accomplished!

Time to head North for Phase 2 of this trip.
My original plan was to go south to San Diego to start driving the PCH (Pacific
Coast Highway, CA-1) from its southern starting point all the way to its northern
end. However, after suffering only 1 day of LA area traffic - screw that!
PCH is just over that Pier bridge; I'm turning North from here!

PCH is at the foot of this ramp!

Last look at the Santa Monica Pier over my shoulder

I'm on it!


Malibu CA


Point Mugu CA


Ventura CA

I must be in California...

Ventura waterfront iPhone panorama shot

The Crowne Plaza. Sandy & I were staying there in 1998,
and watched Bill Clinton, live, telling us "I did not have..."


Ventura Pier


Faria Beach CA

Evidently a very popular campground!


Santa Barbara CA



Lompoc CA


Santa Maria CA


Oceano CA



Morro Bay CA

Morro Rock

Sandy in 1998

Taken from down on this beach


A MAJOR slide blocking PCH in the Big Sur area forced a detour inland to US-101.
Fortunately for me, that was a stretch of PCH that I had already driven, in 2002.


Templeton CA


King City CA


Soledad CA

On a side trip to Pinnacles National Park


Pinnacles National Park
#14 National Park/Monument for this trip


Monterey CA

The Seafood Paella was superb!

This was filled with classic cars when I was here in 2002

The same view in 2002

That was my room for 10 days in 2002, right above the FedEx box

In 2002


In for the night @ Super 8

C5 from Alberta Canada (We'll see it again tomorrow)


End Day 24


447 miles for the day

That's 5871.6 miles from Chicago start



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