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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 23
Wednesday, May 24

Barstow CA

Another Mural City


That must be LA in the smog


Rialto CA

Yes, another WigWam Motel


Anaheim CA

Corvette Mike's
"Corvette Mike" Vietro became our first sponsor when Sandy started
Corvettes Conquer Cancer in 1998! We met Mike @ Bloomington Gold.
After talking with Sandy, he pulled his Mobil card out of his wallet and
said "Here, use this."  We did, for 3 years!
Later that summer we stayed at his house for a couple days.
Thanks Mike!

Mike is also a sponsor for the C6, helping to pay for it in 2006!

"MIKE" in the Corvette lettering

It's a shootout!

Always great to see you, Mike!


Burbank CA

Ramada Inn


On a whim, after dinner I went in search of Jay Leno's Garage.


Proof, via GPS data from above photo and Google Maps!

Further evidence - the burnouts on the street out front!


On the way back to the Ramada I drove the entire length of legendary Mulholland Drive.


End Day 23


206 miles for the day

5424.7 from Chicago start



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