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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 22
Tuesday, May 23

Kingman AZ


The road to Oatman

YouTube video of my drive up Oatman Hwy to and through Oatman
I recommend going to Full Screen View when you get into Oatman. 

Oatman AZ
Primarily known for the wild burros that come in from the desert during
the day and roam the main street, begging for whatever they can get.



Onward to Needles CA


Needles CA
State #15 for this trip

I tried this...

...which ended here, so it was back into Needles.

And another detour!

Can I say it was warm?

Twentynine Palms CA

This was the highest temp observed on this trip


Barstow CA

Dinner & beer

And the award for the most illegible business sign ever goes to...
 Let me help: "Pit Stop Bar & Grille"

Had a great time talking with Jeff Mason!


End of Day 22


323 miles for the day

That's 5218.8 from Chicago start



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