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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 21
Monday, May 22

St George UT

Heading for the Grand Canyon, North Rim

If that looks a little familiar, it's some of Zion National Park. We're going way beyond it today.


Fredonia AZ

Just passing through


Grand Canyon, North Rim
#13 National Park/Monument for this trip

Check the elevation!

I guess we're here

For the first time on this trip, I'm not the only Corvette in the lot!


Much less crowded and very different scenery than the South Rim (Day 19)

I noticed that, unlike the South Rim, there was no viewpoint where I could see the Colorado River.


A BIG TICK, exiting the North Rim!


Kaibab National Forest


Marble Canyon AZ

If that looks familiar, yes, we passed through Flagstaff again on the way back to Kingman.


Kingman AZ

And back at the great Ramada Inn

Unsuccessful search for a new brew pub...

...led me back to the Black Bridge Brewery.

No car show tonight

Then back to the lounge @ the Ramada


End Day 21

518 miles for the day!

That's 4895.2 from Chicago start



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