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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 16
Wednesday, May 17

Start in Gallup NM


Scenic drive to 4 Corners


Arizona, Utah & Colorado - States #11-13 for this trip
UT & CO are 2 new ones for this car. 9 more to complete the lower 48.


4 Corners
#5 National Park/Monument for the trip


Yep, my foot in 4 states

Well, maybe not quite: According to GPS from the above photo, this spot is a little off.
Arrow points to approximate true 4 Corners location. See Google Maps location below.



Road to Mesa Verde CO


Mesa Verde National Park, CO
#6 National Park/Monument for this trip

Click photo to tour the park with me


The road to Moab UT

Yes, the rain is mixing with snow!

Yikes - look at the temp!

Now slush is beginning to accumulate on the road...

...and the temperature keeps dropping

Not good!

Worse yet. NOT FUN!


And I thought I might have a problem...

Here, ride along with me in that stretch (YouTube video)

About 40 miles south of Moab, the rain/snow dissipated and the temp crept above freezing.

Entering Moab

Parked at the motel, snow remained on the bra.


Definitely ready for a beer!

Moab Brewery was a winner!

This is the Black Raven Stout


End of Day 16

369 miles for the day

That's 2986.2 from Chicago start



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