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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 13
Sunday, May 14


Tucumcari NM

Checking out of the Blue Swallow

As recommended by the Blue Swallow owners, my next stop would be the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas New Mexico.
Avoid the obvious I-40/I-84 route, they said, in favor of State Route 104. Nice back country road with some fun twisties.

This isn't one of the twisties...


Approaching Las Vegas


Las Vegas NM

In Las Vegas (pretty obviously NOT Nevada!)

There's the plaza...            and there's The Plaza!

Lunch from across the plaza from The Plaza

Some of the plaza statuary

The Plaza Hotel

Click photo to see much more of the inside - Classic and historic!



End of Day 13


165 miles today

That's 2271.9 miles from Chicago start



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