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Ben's 2017 Route 66 Adventure

Day 10
Thursday, May 11

Shamrock TX

Start Day 10


Sights around Shamrock


The Pioneer West Museum
Museum #6 for my trip

Click photo to see more of this exceptional museum


 The Shamrock Water Tower, one of the tallest in Texas



More murals, on the way out of Shamrock



McLean TX



Devil's Rope Museum
Museum #7 for my trip

Click to take a tour


Classic McLean murals


Probably the most classic McLean Route 66 landmark!


Alanreed TX

The Alanreed Travel Center
Post Office, groceries, gifts, Rt 66 memorabilia, beer.
Yep, go to the Post Office to get your beer!



Westbound Rest Area

Rest rooms and, yes, Tornado Shelter. How comforting!


    Groom TX

The "Leaning Tower of Texas"
    This was intentional, to make it a landmark: the far side legs are about 3 feet in the air!

Said to be the largest cross in the US - 190'


Amarillo TX

Home of The Big Texan
where a 72 oz steak dinner is FREE... IF you eat the entire meal in 1 hour!
A very pleasant surprise: I never would have guessed this was not only also a brewery but ONE of the TOP 10 Places in the WORLD FOR A BEER!
No, I declined the 72 oz steak. The rib platter was superb, as was the Bomb City Bock!


Cadillac Ranch

Rather than add spray can graffiti, I left a tribute to my favorite brewery: Rocket Republic.        


Vega TX



Adrian TX


The MidPoint Cafe
The half-way point on Historic Route 66 between Chicago and Santa Monica




Approaching New Mexico

The ghost town of Glenrio TX



New Mexico
State #10 for this trip

The New Mexico Welcome Center


San Jon NM


That flat-top mountain ahead screams Tucumcari!


Tucumcari NM

One of the most sought after landmarks on Historic Route 66
The Blue Swallow Motel. "100% Refrigerated Air"

The owners: Kevin & Nancy Mueller. Super nice people!!!
To my disappointment (but not surprise) they were booked solid for the next 2 nights.
The second night was actually sold out to a group of bikers from the Netherlands!
I reserved the 3rd night, and asked for suggestions for alternate lodging.

This was it. The plan was to do day trips from here for the next 2 days.


Dinner & beer for the next 2 nights



Wall art in the local Lowes supermarket



End of Day 10

235 miles for Day 10



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