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In June of 1998, at the Tour Sendoff Party in Chelmsford, MA, Dan Gale, National Corvette Museum Founder, announced that Mike Vietro, "Corvette Mike" of Anaheim, CA had made a large donation to the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour.

bg98mike.jpg (201133 bytes)We first met Mike in person a few weeks later at Bloomington, and hit it off immediately. He had a display across from us in the main lobby of the Interstate Center exhibit hall, so he could observe what we were doing, and the response to it. We spent a lot of time getting to know each other. Before the weekend was over, Mike had given us two gas credit cards out of his wallet to feed the C5 as long as we were on the Tour. He also arranged for a set of his chrome factory wheels to be sent to St. Louis, and a place to mount them, in time for the NCRS National Convention 2 weeks later. He also sent a set of Corsa exhaust tips.

While we were in California later that Summer, Mike held a benefit reception at his business in Anaheim, and he and his wife, whose name is also Sandy, put us up in their beautiful home in the Anaheim Hills. What a pleasant change from motels!

We always looked forward to seeing Mike and his staff at other Corvette events around the country for the rest of '98 and the following year. After Sandy died in March of 2000, Mike, his daughter and Mike Milian (owner of Corvette Mike in Plymouth, MA) came to Sandy's memorial service on April 1 in Wiscasset. Mike spoke at the service, and presented a very large donation, checks from many of his contacts as well as himself, in Sandy's memory.

Mike Vietro is a very special person. Without him, the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour would not be here today.

Thank you, Mike!

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Here's Mike with our new C6 at Carlisle.

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