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New this year! Great event, in a fun area!


Thursday, June 9

Departure. Yes, that says 5:07am!
  11_3961.jpg (93973 bytes)

Minor side trip on the way: A couple days earlier my brother had emailed asking if I knew there was a "Labaree St." in Watertown WI.
I actually was aware of that, but hadn't thought about it for years.
Checking the map, I found that it was only about 30 miles off the route, so it was a no-brainer.
There it is! Less than a half mile long, but there's a C5 in one driveway!

11_3973.jpg (135042 bytes)
  11_3987.jpg (256837 bytes)  11_3985.jpg (136435 bytes)

Arrival at Chula Vista Resort.
11_3993.jpg (111781 bytes)
  11_3999.jpg (107466 bytes)

In the outside bar!
11_4003.jpg (215541 bytes)

Friday, June 10

While the eight (yes, 8) road tours came and went, we were set up (trying to keep from freezing)
in the Registration Tent with NCM Board member Ivan Schrodt and staff member, Doug. Ivan shared his room with me!

11_4007.jpg (155232 bytes)
  11_4011.jpg (189057 bytes)  11_4012.jpg (169925 bytes)
11_4014.jpg (174818 bytes)  11_4015.jpg (176162 bytes)  11_4016.jpg (182410 bytes)

View from our room.
11_4037.jpg (226691 bytes)

Evening "Chic Pick". Center of right photo is Sue Kiry, who put this weekend together.
11_4039.jpg (168825 bytes)
  11_4040.jpg (162848 bytes)

Saturday, June 11

Saturday featured a Corvette Parade into downtown for the Corvette Show.
11_4044.jpg (216359 bytes)
  11_4045.jpg (208810 bytes)  11_4050.jpg (235273 bytes)  11_4054.jpg (220663 bytes)
11_4061.jpg (210428 bytes)  11_4073.jpg (204697 bytes)  11_4086.jpg (216603 bytes)

After I packed up, I had to wait for a tractor parade to go by!
11_4087.jpg (163331 bytes)
  11_4088.jpg (140118 bytes)

Doug & Ivan tally the NCM booth sales.
11_4091.jpg (199472 bytes)

Saturday evening Awards Banquet.
11_4097.jpg (186655 bytes)
  11_4098.jpg (125188 bytes)

Sunday, June 12

5:38am departure. Note the temp! (10 minutes later it had dropped 2 degrees)

After a gas stop in Effingham IL, I swung through Mid America Motorworks.
11_4120.jpg (150891 bytes)

Final stats. Note the temp - a 52 degree change from start to finish!
        11_4134.jpg (109023 bytes)

Thanks to Sue Kiry for a great time. I will definitely do this again next year!


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