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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Leaving Southington CT for Guilford CT.

Arrival at Moroso Performance, site of the show.
07_7112s.jpg (458108 bytes)

Setup for the beautiful day.
07_7115s.jpg (773367 bytes)
  07_7116s.jpg (687299 bytes)  07_7117s.jpg (517717 bytes)

It was great to see Miss Mako again.
Her inaugural appearance was next to us in Orlando in 2001.

07_7121s.jpg (795973 bytes)
  07_7122s.jpg (793358 bytes)

This was about all I got to see of the packed show field.
07_7148s.jpg (685855 bytes)
  07_7149s.jpg (452406 bytes)

Would you buy a car from these bozos? Yep, they are the sponsoring dealer's reps.
They had 5 or 6 Vettes there, including this abused Z06.

07_7156s.jpg (794993 bytes)

Packed up again, ready for Sunday evening I-95 traffic.
07_7157s.jpg (520919 bytes)

I didn't waste any time getting past this guy: Namu was about to take off!
07_7162s.jpg (207510 bytes)

Nothing like a good power wash and a sunset to finish a Corvette weekend!
07_7164s.jpg (240769 bytes)
  07_7173s.jpg (199077 bytes)

Final stats.


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