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Corvettes For The Cure 2010
The "Rack Pack" of Tampa Bay Vettes
Benefit for The American Cancer Society

The Resort & Club at Little Harbor
Ruskin, FL

September 12, 2010

(New this year - and a last minute addition... 
I found out about it Friday Sept. 10 @ 3:40pm)


Saturday, Sept. 11

6:20am departure

This scene was typical of this trip: check the date...
10_0830.jpg (151228 bytes)

I got there in time for the Tiki Bar Welcome Party!
Corvettes for Cancer _130_.jpg (67382 bytes)

Sunday, Sept. 12

In the morning, this was the view. That's St. Petersburg in the mist across Tampa Bay.
10_0838.jpg (169807 bytes)
  10_0841.jpg (211281 bytes)

This little guy was by the Vette to greet me.
10_0837.jpg (116235 bytes)

The show site, right by the beach. Once again, the two Corvettes Conquer Cancer
Vettes are side by side. The blue/white car is Richard Fleming's spectacular other
cool Vette, a GTP replica.

10_0850.jpg (110201 bytes)
  10_0852.jpg (206592 bytes)  10_0843.jpg (218922 bytes)

Some detail on the GTP.
10_0855.jpg (243008 bytes)  10_0862.jpg (234778 bytes)  10_0867.jpg (157920 bytes)

The TV show Tailfins and Chrome was there filming the event. Here the host,
Jake, interviews Doreen Ernandez, the event organizer, and Richard Fleming, owner
of the GTP and the old CCC Vette. Then, after coming up with the requisite
$25 donation to the American Cancer Society, Jake signs the hood.

10_0881.jpg (213094 bytes)
  10_0895.jpg (236262 bytes)  10_0883.jpg (164664 bytes)  10_0887.jpg (142579 bytes)
Click here for T&C video

Richard's wife, Lynnette, proudly holds their
"BEST IN SHOW" trophy awarded to the GTP!

10_0909.jpg (259241 bytes)

Monday, Sept. 13

After overnighting in Tallahassee, I got home about 2:25.


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