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2011 Event

Our second year at this great event!

Wednesday, May 25

Departing Decatur.
  11_3604.jpg (116556 bytes)

Some signs of the Mississippi flooding.
11_3608.jpg (127252 bytes)
  11_3615.jpg (114052 bytes)

Then it got scary! Between Cape Girardeau and St. Louis, MO on I-55, I was watching this nasty storm system both visually and on the live radar feed on the laptop showing several of those red boxes indicating tornado warnings. This was 3 days after the monster that trashed Joplin, so the threat was very fresh in the mind. I had planned the itinerary with this system in mind, assuming that it would have passed on to the East before I got there. Unfortunately it had slowed enough that I was going to have to deal with it.

11_3618.jpg (89662 bytes)  11_3619.jpg (99461 bytes)  11_3621.jpg (86231 bytes)

Soon after the third photo, it got really dark, I mean midnight black, although it was only 6:00pm, and the blinding rain began. Listening anxiously for the softball size hail to begin, I tried every overpass for cover, but they were all fully occupied! Still watching the live radar feed, I kept going, seeing that I would be through it shortly. Sure enough, it began to brighten up, the rain stopped and the sun came out. Whew!!!

I stopped for the night in Canton, MO.

Thursday, May 2

Arrived at the Best Western Victorian Inn in Hutchinson MN at 3:15.

Friday, May 27

I parked right out front...
11_3629.jpg (220663 bytes)
  11_3630.jpg (187278 bytes)  11_3632.jpg (244035 bytes)

...and set up a small display inside where Crow River Corvettes had registration &
Silent Auction items and Ivan Schrodt had the National Corvette Museum table.

11_3635.jpg (210282 bytes)
  11_3637.jpg (216100 bytes)

Friday evening featured the Pirate theme party. A lot of great costumes!
11_3642.jpg (144881 bytes)

Saturday, May 28

Morning featured a scenic road tour, stopping at Classic Rides & Rods
in Annandale MN. Coffee, donuts and lots of cool cars!

11_3645.jpg (121135 bytes)  11_3650.jpg (151716 bytes)
11_3655.jpg (175618 bytes)  11_3661.jpg (204930 bytes)  11_3662.jpg (222380 bytes)
11_3669.jpg (181789 bytes)  11_3671.jpg (214842 bytes)

Afternoon was a Corvette show on Library Square in downtown Hutch.
11_3683.jpg (222814 bytes)
  11_3685.jpg (197392 bytes)  11_3688.jpg (190384 bytes)  11_3687.jpg (201077 bytes)

Another donor of $25 to the American Cancer Society signs the hood;
Thank you Ron & Pat H.

11_3691.jpg (248318 bytes)

Looks like I'm the last to leave!
11_3703.jpg (183302 bytes)

The evening featured the awards banquet. Incredibly, I received two:
"Longest Distance Driven" (OK, maybe I deserved that) and "1st Place, Modified"!

11_3705.jpg (146361 bytes)

I also was high bidder on 2 Silent Auction items:
The event Banner (see arrow, left photo) and Kermit!

11_3706.jpg (146684 bytes)
  11_4148.jpg (202327 bytes)

Sunday, May 29

On the road back to Sweet Home Alabama at 6:21am.
90 minutes later the sun was trying to break through.

11_3766.jpg (108028 bytes)

Arrival back home at 9:12, 1021 miles later.
The final stats (note: trip odometer resets @ 2000 miles)


Many thanks to Ron & Linda Cleland and the
Crow River Corvettes
for a terrific weekend, for a Great Cause!


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