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Thanks to CCRI for producing $606.00 which we sent to
the American Cancer Society office in Warwick, RI !

Arrival at 8:21... after a 4 hour drive!
07_8087s.jpg (685904 bytes)

A beautiful day, and a setup with a view of the harbor.
07_8098s.jpg (817951 bytes)
  07_8124s.jpg (672419 bytes)  07_8125s.jpg (620559 bytes)

As is expected at this show, the trophies by Randy Flock
were spectacular and unique to the "Super Heroes" theme.

  07_8100s.jpg (656010 bytes)
07_8102s.jpg (771037 bytes)  07_8110s.jpg (780247 bytes)  07_8116s.jpg (774922 bytes)

Many great costumes, too!
07_8154s.jpg (793949 bytes)

Final stats back home by 8:40.


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