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35th Annual Corvette Show
"The American West"

Corvette Club of RI
Marina Park; No. Kingstown, RI
August 7, 2005

Depart Wiscasset, Maine

Arrive Marina Park

Marina Park is a beautiful setting for a Corvette show.
I think I had more traffic at my setup from the boating crowd than the Corvetters.

05_8464.jpg (1020404 bytes)
  05_8465.jpg (1055754 bytes)  05_8470.jpg (783819 bytes)

As the sun got hotter I decided to break out my new "tent" for some shade.
The first time setting it up was a bit of a challenge, but well worth it!
(Doesn't everybody carry 12' of table, 2 chairs and a 10'x10' tent in their Vette?)

05_8471.jpg (261793 bytes)
  05_8472.jpg (270507 bytes)

Two CCRI Wild West "Ladies" cruised the field with their
little Conestoga wagon, selling something...

05-0016.jpg (267898 bytes)
  05_8496.jpg (1538808 bytes)  05_8498.jpg (762351 bytes)
(50/50 tickets actually) and generated
$572.00 for the American Cancer Society!

Some views of the show from my limited range of view. 
05_8493.jpg (128148 bytes)
  05_8492.jpg (194130 bytes)

Some of Randy Flock's spectacular hand made trophies.
05_8486.jpg (791723 bytes)  05_8489.jpg (903684 bytes)

The club invited me back to the Nelsons' house
for some great food while the Cape traffic subsided.

05_8499.jpg (222102 bytes)

Back home again.

Thanks CCRI for another great event, and for your
$572.00 contribution to the American Cancer Society!


ps: A little fuzzy, but you get the idea!
DCP_8457.JPG (277571 bytes)


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