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Gate City Corvette Club
Nashua Airport, Nashua NH
August 11, 2007

A little more compact this year, this great event produced
for Corvettes Conquer Cancer and the American Cancer Society!

Thank You Gate City!

On the road again... heading south to NH.

Some of the special Auction items:

Z06 engine plant poster, signed by all the engine builders, donated by Mike Dupont.
07_8266s.jpg (657652 bytes)

Z06 wheel, signed by plant people, donated by Corvette Plant.
07_8267s.jpg (626713 bytes)

Wooden tray hand painted by Elfi Duntov for Dan & Karen Gale
with a picture of their Vette, donated by Karen (Gale) & Tony Blandini.

07_8273s.jpg (602736 bytes)

Just some of the other stuff:
07_8256e.jpg (406769 bytes)

This event's founder, Paula Beauregard.
07_8292s.jpg (595622 bytes)

Sights, outside and in.
07_8307s.jpg (524013 bytes)
  07_8311s.jpg (601718 bytes)  07_8313s.jpg (692693 bytes)  07_8314s.jpg (732547 bytes)

07_8318s.jpg (699636 bytes)  07_8319s.jpg (723923 bytes)  07_8320s.jpg (779196 bytes)  07_8322s.jpg (715402 bytes)

Final stats back home the next afternoon after spending the night
at event chairman Dan & Claudia Feidler's home.



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