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Our 13th year, and still one of our all-time favorite events!
Thank you Lance Miller: Because of your continuing support and
hospitality, we were able to generate
for the American Cancer Society!

Plus, we celebrated the reunion with the
original Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5,
now owned by Richard Fleming of Plant City FL!

Tuesday, August 24

After a full day-job of work, I departed for Carlisle @ 6:11pm
  10_0516.jpg (106581 bytes)

Spent the night in Knoxville, then went on to Philly for a brief visit with my Mom.

Thursday, August 26

Up at dawn for the quick drive from Philly to Carlisle, where I was obviously
an early bird @ 7:30 am. We had the sign denoting our space, but no tent.

10_0520.jpg (220086 bytes)
  10_0521.jpg (310817 bytes)

After strolling around the grounds visiting friends & vendors, I returned about 10:00
to find not only the tent, but the trusty CCC C5!

10_0526.jpg (288186 bytes)

It looked fantastic, totally belying its 203,000 miles!
And that last remaining space across the top of the windshield
has been filled, next to the Carlisle 2005 sticker.

10_0534.jpg (207386 bytes)
  10_0536.jpg (149541 bytes)


Friday, August 27

Side by side: What a great sight! Richard had gotten the C5's badly sandblasted
front bumper repainted and matching decals made for the hood.

10_0538a.jpg (277084 bytes)
  Reunion w.jpg (211639 bytes)
10_0542.jpg (214150 bytes)  10_0546.jpg (270260 bytes)  10_0547.jpg (244101 bytes)

Roger La Pierre signs the hood for his $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.
10_0555.jpg (119285 bytes)

Visit to the NCRS Gallery

Friend and GM Powertrain engineer, Bill Nichols'
beautiful and multiple award winning 1962.

10_0561.jpg (183317 bytes)
  10_0562.jpg (188401 bytes)

Chip Miller's timeless, totally original '53.
10_0570.jpg (168994 bytes)
  10_0572.jpg (161138 bytes)  10_0573.jpg (155660 bytes)
We were privileged to share the front apron with this car at the
2003 NCRS National Convention in Hershey PA.
DCP_2808s.jpg (75805 bytes)

Norm Clemmer adds his name to the hood for his $25 ACS donation.
10_0577.jpg (136361 bytes)

Paul Eggermann joined us at the display. Paul is the guy who
envisioned and expedited the fundraising and purchase of the
Corvettes Conquer Cancer C6 back in 2006!
He also designed and installed the graphics on the car.

Thank you Paul!!!

10_0580.jpg (298931 bytes)

C5/C6 Registry Banquet

Speakers: Lance Miller and Tom Hill.
10_0583.jpg (141850 bytes)
  10_0593.jpg (99939 bytes)

Also speaking was legendary Corvette racer, 94 yr old John Fitch, driver of the
Cunningham 1960 Vette that returned to France this past June to celebrate the
50th anniversary of their win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1960.
John is seen here with 13 yr old 1/4 midget race champion Dan Schmook,
Bryan Webb and C5 Designer John Cafaro.

10_0588a.jpg (100868 bytes)  10_0597a.jpg (132324 bytes)  10_0599a.jpg (156641 bytes)

Our 50/50 drawing at the end of the banquet generated $1175 for the American Cancer Society thanks to the winner (whose name unfortunately I didn't get) donating his share back to ACS!
Speaking of generosity, just before the drawing, Dan Schmook (see above) came up to me with 2 $100 bills and asked if he could get a room-length of tickets! Uh... you sure can! He didn't win, but his dad did last year... and donated his share back!

What a great group the C5/C6 Registry is! Thanks again for all your support!

Saturday, August 28

Oh-dark-30 at the Fairgrounds... Actually, 6:01 am!
10_0604.jpg (94770 bytes)
  10_0605.jpg (91223 bytes)

Rich B signs on for his $25 to ACS.
10_0610.jpg (148679 bytes)

This was my "Celebrity Pick" this year: David and Kathleen Huber's
1-of-3 Gatorade Pace Car. My comment on the form:

10_0616.jpg (100222 bytes)
  10_0618.jpg (179975 bytes)  10_0665.jpg (253766 bytes)

Sunday, August 29

This is it, the '60 that John Fitch drove to class win @ Le Mans in 1960.
I would get a RIDE in it the next weekend!

10_0644.jpg (141172 bytes)
  10_0647.jpg (191954 bytes)

Never thought I'd see the day, but I guess the ol' girl deserves to ride in her new life...
10_0638.jpg (142315 bytes)

All packed up and ready for the next event...
10_0666.jpg (200495 bytes)

Monday, August 30

...which was spending the morning at Lawrence Chevrolet in nearby Mechanicsburg getting BOTH rear wheel bearings replaced!

As I exited the PA Turnpike in Philadelphia on Wednesday I had been rudely awakened to the all-too-familiar sound of a rear wheel bearing on its way out. The left rear had been replaced just before Carlisle last year, so I assumed that this time it was the right side. While driving back and forth between the Fairgrounds and the hotel during my stay I realized that the noise was getting progressively louder, so waiting until I got home wasn't a smart option. Many thanks to Bobby Tow for his diligence and cell phone time Saturday morning locating a dealer that both had the part and could schedule it for first thing Monday! Much to my surprise, mid-morning, the Service Mgr advised me that yes, the right bearing was bad, but replacing it only got rid of about 75% of the noise, because the left side was also going out! They had a guy on the way to a Harrisburg warehouse for another bearing. When I told him that the left bearing was only 1 year old, with 24k miles, he asked if it had been done by an authorized Chevy dealer (yes) and did I have the receipt (not with me). I offered to call the dealer, Lynn Layton in Decatur AL, and have them fax the invoice. That was done and Lawrence was thereby able to cover the cost of the year-old bearing, if not the labor. The cost was still over $600, but would have been $1000!
Lawrence was great, and I was on the road home shortly after noon. On the way home I contacted Art Spong (Group Manager, Performance Cars Brand Quality) to update him in the situation. At his request I called the Lawrence Service Mgr back to relay Art's request that they send the old bearings to him for analysis.

12:05 - ready to depart for home!
10_0668.jpg (105621 bytes)

Nice sunset, before stopping for the night, again in Knoxville TN.
10_0677.jpg (116413 bytes)

Tuesday, August 31

Home again, to a VERY happy cat!
(He'd been on his own a full 7 days!)
Note on that Trip Odometer reading: it resets to 0.0 after 1999.9, so that's actually 2006.2 miles.


Between the $1175.00 from the 50/50 and the $25 donation x 3 hood-signers, we were able to send the American Cancer Society office in Carlisle PA a check for $1250.00.

Thank you Corvettes @ Carlisle and the C5/C6 Registry for making this possible!


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