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Corvettes at
August 28-30, 2009


Corvettes @ Carlisle has always been one of my favorite events,
from our very first appearance there in 1998. Sandy and our 97 were
honored to be featured in Chip's Choice in 1999.

This was my first major event since my move last May from
Wiscasset, Maine, to Decatur, Alabama.

Thanks to Lance Miller and Carlisle Events for hosting
us again this year. Despite the sagging economy, we were able
to raise
$1137.00 for the American Cancer Society!


Thursday August 27

Leaving Decatur AL, 4:23am!

Arrival @ Fairgrounds 3:28pm.
Check the average mileage - that was at an average speed of 73 mph, on Regular gas!


Stan Kessel, fresh from Texas, ignores me.
09_6872.jpg (101229 bytes)


Friday, August 28
Scattered showers & thunderstorms all day didn't seem
to dampen anybody's enthusiasm.

Display fully set up, with co-pilot & bodyguard Gary Readio, from Maine, on duty. 
09_6873.jpg (248986 bytes)
 09_6875.jpg (273264 bytes) 09_6887.jpg (156195 bytes)
09_6878.jpg (231889 bytes) 09_6880.jpg (166619 bytes)

Secured for the evening.
09_6889.jpg (278055 bytes)

Friday evening C5/C6 Registry dinner @ Carlisle Comfort Suites.

Corvette engineer Tom Hill explains the Launch Control feature on the 2010 Vette,
to the amusement of Registry Director Dan Adovasio and Plant Manager Paul Graham.

09_6893.jpg (124687 bytes)

As usual, Gary & I sold 50/50 tickets. In a real nail biter, the winning ticket
belonged to Herb Schmoock, who donated his $420 share back so that the
entire $840 pot went to the American Cancer Society

Thanks Herb!


Saturday August 29
Same weather as Friday, scattered showers & t-storms.

6:30am we're back in business, in the fog. That's Gary's Pewter C5 "FLYNLO".
He even managed to get me into a photo.

09_6921.jpg (273595 bytes)
  09_6922.jpg (178734 bytes)  09_6930.jpg (237387 bytes)

Time for my annual "Celebrity Pick", this year going to Dennis & Cindy Manire
who have logged over 450,000 miles on this gorgeous '67!

09_6933.jpg (136083 bytes)
  09_6877.jpg (182705 bytes)  09_6876.jpg (165139 bytes)  09_6978.jpg (186224 bytes)

"Chip's Choice" this year: Corvettes that raced in the 24 Hours at Le Mans.
09_6936.jpg (145489 bytes)
  09_6937.jpg (141222 bytes)  09_6938.jpg (155956 bytes)
09_6939.jpg (161296 bytes)  09_6940.jpg (135974 bytes)  09_6941.jpg (157719 bytes)
09_6944.jpg (158777 bytes)  09_6945.jpg (133283 bytes)  09_6946.jpg (155782 bytes)

A visit to sponsor "Yogi" Bair's booth found this: 
The Corvettes Conquer Cancer C6 will be featured on the
cover of their catalog for next year!
That's Yogi pointing to his decal on our car.

09_6947.jpg (164819 bytes)
  06_2995.jpg (271886 bytes)

Scenes from the Celebrity Lunch: Corvette Chief Engineer Tadge Juechter,
special guest Mario Andretti, and proud Dad Lance Miller describing the joys
of fatherhood with wife Michelle and daughter Ella, held by Bill Miller,
Chip's partner in founding Carlisle Events, but no relation.

09_6948.jpg (74304 bytes)
    09_6956.jpg (85628 bytes)

A short time later, Mario happened by our display and
I got him to autograph my fuel rail cover


Sunday, August 30

Finally, absolutely perfect weather for a car show!
09_Carlisle.jpg (204664 bytes)

Gary does his pre-flight before departing for FAA business in MA.
Thanks, G-Monster, for your unwavering support all these years!

09_6983.jpg (185348 bytes)

I then packed up and left about 1:00 for the 125 mile trip farther East
to Philadelphia for a quick visit with my parents. The timing was good:
my Dad had been put in the hospital on Friday. Nothing serious, but at 100,
nothing is simple! This was wearing heavily on my Mom, who is 92,
so I was glad I could be there for her, even if only briefly.

Leaving Philly about 8:00, I got to Chambersburg PA for a short night! 

Monday, August 31

Leaving Chambersburg @ 4:00am, I arrived back in Decatur about 3:30pm.


Adding the $297 collection at our table to the $840 from the
C5/C6 Registry 50/50, we were able to send
$1137.00 to the
American Cancer Society's office in Harrisburg PA. We always
send whatever we collect to the office that serves the area
where the event is located

Thanks to all who helped make this possible!


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