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7th Annual
Wonderful World of Corvettes
Corvette Club of Orlando
Sunday, January 26, 2003

DCP_1393s.jpg (86205 bytes)  DCP_1405s.jpg (114211 bytes)  DCP_1407s.jpg (108890 bytes)

This was our 3rd year at this show, which follows the NCRS Winter Meet on the grounds of the Hyatt - Orlando. This year, the Corvette Club of Orlando did a 50/50 raffle, and donated the $557 proceeds to Corvettes Conquer Cancer. They also auctioned a donated jar of Lusso Oro wax, autographed by Dave McLellan, which produced an additional $100.
The grand total for this event was $657.00, which I sent to the American Cancer Society's Orlando office.

Thank you Corvette Club of Orlando!

Time to hit the road for home...
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  DCP_1414s.jpg (43624 bytes)

DCP_1420s.jpg (50136 bytes)

Note the "sundog" - the rainbow effect in the little cloud!
DCP_1421s.jpg (27632 bytes)

Tuesday, 1/28

Home again. The snow was still there...
DCP_1469s.jpg (63135 bytes)

Final stats.
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  DCP_1471s.jpg (47602 bytes)  DCP_1472s.jpg (45787 bytes)


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