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National Corvette Museum
Bowling Green, KY
April 24-27, 2003

This is always a great event, although attendance was way down this year.
Many people opted to go to the huge 50th birthday celebration in June instead.

Nevertheless, the C5 people remain as generous as ever toward our mission:
We were able to send $1033.00 to the American Cancer Society
in Bowling Green as a result of our efforts there.
I got to meet Brenda Moore, ACS Bowling Green Development Rep,
who stopped by at the Museum on Friday to get acquainted.

Sunday, April 20

Starting out. 
DCP_1592s.jpg (41287 bytes)

That's my laptop 'co-pilot" on the new mount,
courtesy of Ed Duprey of Great Lakes Trophy.
Thanks, Ed, it works GREAT!

DCP_1593s.jpg (60886 bytes)

Monday, April 21
after a night with my parents in Philadelphia.

Don't you feel so much safer in that cool SUV?
DCP_1596s.jpg (73506 bytes)

Tuesday, April 22

Sideling Hill on I-68 in MD.
DCP_1612s.jpg (55091 bytes)

This must be Lexington, Kentucky.
DCP_1623s.jpg (33037 bytes)

Stats upon arrival in Bowling Green.
DCP_1626s.jpg (44041 bytes)
  DCP_1627s.jpg (44280 bytes)  DCP_1628s.jpg (45248 bytes)  DCP_1629s.jpg (45256 bytes)

Wednesday, April 23

Somewhere out there in the morning mist is Reba McIntire's estate.
This is on the way to Firestone in Nashville for new tires.

DCP_1638s.jpg (34105 bytes)

Wheels removed in Firestone's shop. Then we trucked the wheels/tires across town to
Hennessy Industries, mfgr of Coats tire machines, to mount the new tires on the new
wheels provided by Mike Sweeney of Corvette Wheel Specialists.

DCP_1641s.jpg (53676 bytes)

Off with the old, on with the new.
DCP_1652s.jpg (52969 bytes)
  DCP_1649s.jpg (72588 bytes)  

Left to right: Mark Kuykendall (Firestone), Martin (Hennessy), Dave Shepherd
(Hennessy VP of Sales), Chuck Cunningham (Hennessy Product Design),
Tom Noe (Firestone)

DCP_1657s.jpg (53313 bytes)

Back at Firestone for balancing & reinstallation on the car.
DCP_1660s.jpg (68627 bytes)

I think I found the squeak!
DCP_1664s.jpg (50326 bytes)

That's Bridgestone/Firestone's new HQ about 1/2 mile from the shop.
DCP_1666s.jpg (47638 bytes)

And this is a couple exits north on Briley Pky.
DCP_1667s.jpg (48359 bytes)

At the Museum's back door to set up my display, I found myself in good company.
DCP_1674s.jpg (53026 bytes)

Thanks to Mike Sweeney, Corvette Wheel Specialist,
for the beautiful new 2001 style chrome wheels!
DCP_1686s.jpg (115941 bytes)

Thursday, April 24

On the turntable in the front window of the Museum is the ONLY  1983 Vette.
Note the different wheels, left & right! Right side has the production wheels.
The lefts are wheels that appeared only in pre-release photos and artwork.

DCP_1698s.jpg (52311 bytes)
  DCP_1699s.jpg (50197 bytes)
DCP_1700s.jpg (53249 bytes)  DCP_1701s.jpg (51028 bytes)

Friday, April 25

Unveiling of the 2004 Le Mans Commemorative edition C5s drew a big crowd.
DCP_1702s.jpg (42907 bytes)
  DCP_1703s.jpg (69556 bytes)  DCP_1705s.jpg (48453 bytes)
DCP_1708s.jpg (82131 bytes)  DCP_1706s.jpg (65413 bytes)

DCP_1710s.jpg (61708 bytes)
Corvette Plant Manager Wil Cooksey was driving this black Cadillac XLR which
is produced in the same plant. It looks much better in black than the steel gray I
had seen several times before, first at Pebble Beach in August of '02 (below)

Our parking spot for 3 days.
DCP_1714s.jpg (59808 bytes)

Dave Hill (left) and Wil Cooksey (center) doing autographs. 
Wil's on my hood, above John Cafaro's.

DCP_1717s.jpg (82829 bytes)
 DCP_1718s.jpg (46513 bytes) DCP_1719s.jpg (37778 bytes)

Thanks also to Marshall Fancher of Corvette Dreams
for his generous financial support.

DCP_1724s.jpg (100081 bytes)

Saturday, April 26

My "office" for the three days, in the "Atrium" section of the Museum.
DCP_1742s.jpg (83744 bytes)

DCP_1748s.jpg (77831 bytes)
Auction at the Banquet Saturday evening.
This was after the dinner, and after I drew the winning ticket for the
50/50 drawing that generated the $1033.00 that I was
able to send to the American Cancer Society in Bowling Green.

Sunday, April 27

Leaving the Holiday Inn University Center.
DCP_1756s.jpg (65759 bytes)
  DCP_1757s.jpg (63888 bytes)

I had to stop at the American Cancer Society on the way out of town for this photo.
DCP_1760s.jpg (76126 bytes)

Farewell to the National Corvette Museum once again.
DCP_1761s.jpg (46223 bytes)

Monday, April 28

Final stats back in Maine Monday afternoon after an overnight in Scranton, PA.
DCP_1786s.jpg (40339 bytes) DCP_1787s.jpg (39840 bytes) DCP_1789s.jpg (38409 bytes) DCP_1785s.jpg (35186 bytes)

Yeah, I know. The "Check Engine" light is on.
Code "P1870" indicates "Transmission component slipping."
Everything seemed to be  working normally. I reset the code and it hasn't come back.
I'm not going to lose sleep over it!


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