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Dick Borchers has been a friend since we first met him in 2001 at Carlisle. When he learned of the drive to buy us a new C6, he volunteered his towing service to transport it from Maine to the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY. It actually turned out to be more than that.

Here he is, flatbed loaded up at my house in Maine. He took the C6 back to NJ where the graphics were applied. Then he picked it up again and drove overnight to KY.

06_0561s.jpg (205325 bytes)

Here, Dick, his flatbed and my C6 arrive at the Museum the next morning, caught by a friend on the Museum's web-cam!

NCM webcam.jpg (80097 bytes)

C6 Borchers NCM.jpg (350001 bytes)

Here he poses with the finished product that proudly wears his decal.
06_1210s.jpg (195815 bytes)

Thanks Dick!