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Pheasant Run Resort; St. Charles IL
June 24-27, 2010

This was our first appearance at Bloomington Gold since 2004, having been a guest there since 1998, which was our first national event. Thanks to Ed Saari for helping make this possible.

This time was also a first: the East and West branches of Corvettes Conquer Cancer would share the space for the first time!

Wednesday, June 23

Departing Decatur AL.

Sights along the way...
10_1003.jpg (89236 bytes)
  10_1007.jpg (83163 bytes)

Another first: Bloomington Gold is now a DAY TRIP!

Thursday, June 24

For their $25 donation to the American Cancer Society, Jena & Toby
pay tribute to their late friend, Gary.

10_1022.jpg (166359 bytes)
  10_1023.jpg (168007 bytes)

The sights of and from our lake-front property once we got set up.
10_1027.jpg (198054 bytes)
  10_1032.jpg (196206 bytes)  10_1037.jpg (211006 bytes)  10_1048.jpg (182204 bytes)

Curtis Davis caught me cleaning up the car.
10-090.jpg (182556 bytes)
  10-044.jpg (219732 bytes)

For another $25 ACS donation, Seth Wood signed the hood. 
10_1050.jpg (191547 bytes)
(2 weeks later, at a club party back in Alabama, his daughter, Kaitlyn,
added her signature below his!

10_0365.jpg (210963 bytes)  103_0366a.jpg (210677 bytes)

Curtis Davis, manning the C5/C6 Registry booth right around the corner from ours.
10_1065.jpg (190566 bytes)

Directions to some of the exhibits & activities.
10_1071.jpg (373878 bytes)

Friday, June 25

Another $25 ACS donor: Jill Rosedale signs for her and Mike.
10_1085.jpg (168580 bytes)
  10_1087.jpg (160844 bytes)

Together for the First Time!

Fresh from Colorado Springs, via a family function in Iowa, Adam Rogers arrived to balance our display. In addition to his "Day Job" and fundraising events, Adam's C5 sees a lot of track time. It sounds AWESOME!

Check his website: www.corvettesconquercancer.org
10_1096.jpg (174889 bytes)
  10_1095w.jpg (213787 bytes)  10_1089.jpg (209453 bytes)

"The Twins" from the neighboring booth graciously posed for photos...
10_1093.jpg (246562 bytes)
  10_1092.jpg (178478 bytes)

Saturday, June 26

Thanks again to Curtis for these shots.
368.JPG (1714791 bytes)  368crop.jpg (176908 bytes)

Adam got to meet Tom Hill and the 2011 Grand Sport,
Carbon Edition, in Supersonic Blue.

10_1104.jpg (283511 bytes)  10_1106.jpg (247661 bytes)

Among others on special display were the original Motorama Corvette,
EX-122, and the Manta Ray concept car.

10_1115.jpg (132478 bytes)
  10_1117.jpg (136681 bytes)  10_1126.jpg (129684 bytes)

Outside I spotted this, from AAT.
10_1129.jpg (245235 bytes)

Nearby were these stunning Mid-Year styled beauties
on C6 platforms, from Karl Kustom!

10_1132.jpg (233571 bytes)
  10_1137.jpg (230084 bytes)
10_1134.jpg (233478 bytes)  10_1136.jpg (226223 bytes)  10_1144.jpg (311710 bytes)

Sunday, June 27

The intermittent rain and threat of severe thunderstorms pretty much made this day a non-event. During a break from the rain we packed the Vettes, then wandered through the vendor areas. I made a point of introducing Adam to as many of them as I could find.

10_1152.jpg (195058 bytes)

'Bye, Adam - It was great to finally connect with you!
Keep up the faith and the good fight against cancer.

10_1163.jpg (220061 bytes)


The final stats, back in Sweet Home Alabama!


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