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June 26-29, 2003
Pheasant Run Resort; St. Charles, IL

This is where it all started for us: Bloomington Gold in 1998 was the first
National event for our fledgling Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour. They
set the "Gold Standard" for all other events to meet for prime display space,
both for our table and for the car, lodging and general VIP treatment.

This year we collected $325.00 in donations,
which we sent to the American Cancer Society's Kane County
unit in nearby Batavia.

Wednesday, June 25

The trip begins.
DCP_2435s.jpg (35106 bytes)

Nothing worth a photo on the way out...
especially the wretched Super 8 motel in Maumee, OH!

Thursday, June 26

Some interesting Corvettes scheduled for the Mecum Auction

This 54/55 test mule that Zora used to prep for his historic 150 record run at
Daytona Beach. According to the documentation, the engine block has a 1952 casting
date code! Think about it...  the V8 wasn't introduced until '55!

DCP_2460s.jpg (108772 bytes)  DCP_2465s.jpg (72714 bytes)  DCP_2462s.jpg (94220 bytes)

A Harley Earl styling exercise '63(?)
DCP_2454s.jpg (122260 bytes)
  DCP_2455s.jpg (124130 bytes)  DCP_2456s.jpg (141378 bytes)

Early custom '53.
DCP_2548s.jpg (110512 bytes)
  DCP_2546s.jpg (113508 bytes)


Friday, June 27

At our booth in the main lobby of the Mega Center,
with Corvette Wheel Specialist Mike Sweeney.

DCP_2487s.jpg (88468 bytes)

My frequent co-pilot and bodyguard, Gary Readio, checks out the
Bloomington Gold program during a rare quiet moment at our display.

DCP_2484s.jpg (98783 bytes)

Spotted at the "Sock Hop" Friday night: this "62 C5".
In my opinion, the meld of '62 and C5 styling doesn't work
nearly as well as the 53 C5, especially in the back.

DCP_2493s.jpg (98457 bytes)  DCP_2498s.jpg (102266 bytes)

Saturday, June 28

Remember the yellow "Cardboard Corvette" Z06 from last year?
This is David Rusthoven's latest creation.

DCP_2505s.jpg (74397 bytes)  DCP_2507s.jpg (67337 bytes)

The Bloomington Gold Special Collection for 2003

DCP_2511s.jpg (129922 bytes)  DCP_2518s.jpg (130526 bytes)  DCP_2515s.jpg (128794 bytes)

Chip & Judy Miller's "Numbers Matching" pair:
'53 and '03 with the same serial number - 181!
Our Tour C5 will share space with them in a couple of weeks
at the NCRS National Convention in Hershey, PA.

DCP_2512s.jpg (121126 bytes)

Tyler Townsley's 87/88 engineering prototype ZR-1.
DCP_2540s.jpg (101721 bytes)  .DCP_2538s.jpg (99380 bytes)


Our parking spot outside. We had protection...
DCP_2544s.jpg (126966 bytes)


Saturday evening: The Bloomington Gold Road Tour

Lining up, as the storm clouds build.
DCP_2552s.jpg (92097 bytes)
Winners of the Silent Auction for the position behind us: Jayne and Steve Kilian.
They wrote a check for $150 to the American Cancer Society for this privilege.

DCP_2559s.jpg (115528 bytes)  DCP_2563s.jpg (86928 bytes)
Along the route.
DCP_2565s.jpg (56261 bytes)
  DCP_2576s.jpg (69062 bytes)  DCP_2593s.jpg (72472 bytes)
DCP_2585s.jpg (51165 bytes)
  DCP_2575s.jpg (74492 bytes)
There were many signs along the route saying "Stop and Burn!".
This enterprising group actually had a working drag strip "christmas tree"!

DCP_2587s.jpg (50343 bytes)
Thank you Steve Tribble, Road Tour organizer.
DCP_2605s.jpg (81182 bytes)
OK, so it rained. As we reached our dinner destination, we got this:
DCP_2607s.jpg (50104 bytes)

Sunday, June 29

DCP_2611s.jpg (114690 bytes) 

Another Harley Earl car.
DCP_2614s.jpg (109966 bytes)

The Bloomington Gold judging field...
DCP_2621s.jpg (116873 bytes)
  DCP_2623s.jpg (78886 bytes)

... where I found Bill Nichols with his NCRS Duntov Award-winning '67.
100_08491s.jpg (134878 bytes)

Leaving for home

DCP_2632s.jpg (56555 bytes)
  DCP_2633s.jpg (59180 bytes)

Roadside attractions (?!)
DCP_2638s.jpg (58873 bytes)

Sunday afternoon traffic west of Chi-town. Guess we're going the right direction!
DCP_2634s.jpg (69332 bytes)

Monday, June 30
Happy 50th Birthday, Corvette!

Yeah, I guess you could say it rained again!
DCP_2654s.jpg (38207 bytes)

Back home again: the final stats.
DCP_2658s.jpg (30749 bytes)
  DCP_2661s.jpg (31076 bytes)  DCP_2662s.jpg (30103 bytes)


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