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Bloomington Gold was our first national event when Sandy started Corvettes Conquer Cancer back in 1998.
We returned every year through 2004, then took a break. We came back last year, and again this year.

Wednesday, June 22

Decatur departure. Yes, 5:23am.
  11_4264.jpg (98740 bytes)

Arrival at our lake-front spot.
11_4270.jpg (170049 bytes)

Thursday, June 23

What a great space! To the right is the food court and the Mega Center.
To the left is the Mecum Auction and the display of four 2112 Corvettes that Tom Hill brought from Bowling Green.

11_4274.jpg (217559 bytes)

Friday, June 24

The details of our setup. Yes, everything you see came out of the Vette - tables and tent included!
11_4305.jpg (214723 bytes)
  11_4308.jpg (214884 bytes)  11_4312.jpg (227028 bytes)
11_4317.jpg (184919 bytes)  11_4318.jpg (182790 bytes)  11_4319.jpg (218557 bytes)  11_4320.jpg (171769 bytes)

The four 2112 Vettes on display around the corner. Silver ZR1 - VIN #2
11_4328.jpg (208056 bytes)
  11_4330.jpg (239196 bytes)  11_4342.jpg (212242 bytes)  11_4343.jpg (83658 bytes)

Details of the Carbon Flash Metallic "Centennial Edition" ZR1 - VIN #3
11_4331.jpg (248031 bytes)
  11_4332.jpg (85813 bytes)  11_4337.jpg (109690 bytes)
11_4339.jpg (91245 bytes)  11_4341.jpg (73252 bytes)  11_4340.jpg (119210 bytes)

Spectacular "Barn Find" '57 fuelie in the Great Hall collection!
11_4347.jpg (191718 bytes)
  11_4348.jpg (202155 bytes)  11_4349.jpg (191862 bytes)  11_4350.jpg (179725 bytes)  11_4373.jpg (186449 bytes)

The Miller family Le Mans winning 1960.
11_4356.jpg (202240 bytes)



Great to see our buddy Dan Gale honored. Sandy & I met Dan and Karen in 1978 at the first Corvette show we ever attended
after we got our first Vette. He was the first person Sandy called when she set out to do what became Corvettes Conquer Cancer.
He opened many doors to make her dream become reality.

11_4361.jpg (153872 bytes)

NCRS co-founder and Member #1, Gary Mortimer.
11_4364.jpg (174055 bytes)

The Great Hall Induction Ceremony
Karen (Gale) Blandini accepts the award for Dan; Gary Mortimer accepts his.

11_4433.jpg (157918 bytes)
  11_4437.jpg (155602 bytes)  11_4439.jpg (191894 bytes)

Old(!?) friends from New England about to head home:
l-r, Karen & Tony Blandini, Al & Diane Dow.

Saturday, June 25

Early shadows, ready for another beautiful & busy day!
11_4456.jpg (236506 bytes)

Yes, it was busy! And across the pond, Mid America had installed a lot of exhaust systems!
11_4487.jpg (219220 bytes)
                                      11_4491.jpg (248314 bytes)

Sunday, June 26

Much quieter, so I could take in the view around the pond before packing up.
11_4504.jpg (224814 bytes)
  11_4505.jpg (221711 bytes)   11_4515.jpg (273255 bytes)

Admirers came in all sizes...
11_4522.jpg (267776 bytes)

Departure, 2:00pm
  11_4526.jpg (100302 bytes)

Arrive home, 11:15pm
      11_4540.jpg (102971 bytes)



During the course of the weekend, 4 signatures were added to the underside
of the hood, each one for a $25 donation to the American Cancer Society. 

11_4380.jpg (220563 bytes)  11_4384.jpg (121302 bytes)  11_4385.jpg (212971 bytes)

11_4394.jpg (203863 bytes)

11_4469.jpg (242275 bytes)  11_4476.jpg (205048 bytes)

11_4482.jpg (224730 bytes)


Jim During of Portage IN also got to sign it: He was the winner of the 50/50 drawing
at the C5/C6 Bash at the NCM in April of 2010, and gave back his half of the
$1550 pot to the American Cancer Society!

11_4480.jpg (216734 bytes)

Thank You, Jim!

In addition to the $100 from the hood, we collected $124 at the table, so were able to sent the Kane County IL
office of the American Cancer Society a total of


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