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Bloomington Gold #30
Pheasant Run Resort; St. Charles, IL
June 13-16, 2002

This was our 5th year at Bloomington Gold, and I guess it is therefore the official start of the 5th year for the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour. Bloomington in 1998 was the first national Corvette event for Sandy and me as we tested the waters on the national scene. Bloomington set the "Gold Standard" for others to follow in hospitality and VIP status.

The new facility, Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles, is a vast improvement over the previous location in Bloomington: All manicured grass or pavement, with no mud or dust!

We were able to send the American Cancer Society's Kane County, IL Unit

Wednesday, June 12

Leaving home in torrential rain. It rained most of the trip to Illinois.
DCP_5225s.jpg (17429 bytes)

Leaving Gary's house.
DCP_5227a.jpg (17932 bytes)

Thursday, June 13

Onward from overnight in North Ridgeville, OH.

Friday, June 14

Our parking place for the weekend: the Race Car/VIP area.
DCP_5231a.jpg (60185 bytes)  DCP_5234a.jpg (59543 bytes)

Co-pilot & bodyguard, Gary, at our booth in the Lobby.
DCP_5242s.jpg (47467 bytes)  DCP_5356a.jpg (54441 bytes)
  DCP_5357s.jpg (108424 bytes)

Featured in the Bloomington Gold's program, the Gold Standard
BG02 programs.jpg (119436 bytes)

Being right inside this main entrance didn't hurt a bit during Friday's
intermittent showers: Each new shower would bring in a fresh crowd!

Dcp_5232a.jpg (52899 bytes)

Friday's National Corvette Museum dinner @ Francesca's.
DCP_5282a.jpg (52611 bytes)

Saturday, June 15

Adrienne Dumas, 17, of St. Charles, IL is the Grand Prize Winner of the Bloomington Gold  Kids Art & Essay competition. This is the first time the Grand Prize was awarded for an essay. Adrienne was treated to a VIP trip to Bowling Green for a private tourof the Corvette Assembly Plant and the National Corvette Museum. She also received the use of a new Corvette Convertible to usefor the drive back from Bowling Green to St. Charles, IL, and for use during the Bloomington Gold weekend. At Bloomington Gold, however, she preferred to use HER OWN '71! She bought the Corvette herself last year after saving up for it for 5 years!

DCP_5303s.jpg (66336 bytes)  DCP_5305s.jpg (65913 bytes)

The Special Collection

DCP_5250s.jpg (64265 bytes)  DCP_5252a.jpg (68878 bytes)  DCP_5253s.jpg (68980 bytes)

The white '61 is an original German export car. The blue '54
is just like the first Corvette I ever saw in person (and got a ride in!)
- at age 12, in 1954.

DCP_5258s.jpg (58087 bytes)
  DCP_5261a.jpg (67479 bytes)  DCP_5260s.jpg (78380 bytes)

2003 50th Anniversary Corvette
DCP_5255s.jpg (57225 bytes)

Saturday evening: The Road Tour

A few of the estimated 1200 Vettes waiting for the start of the 42 mile tour
through the IL countryside. The weather couldn't have been much better!

DCP_5310s.jpg (45991 bytes)

The VIP cars got to line up first.
DCP_5313s.jpg (52700 bytes)

After the DARE Corvettes, we were # 3, behind Adrienne and her sponsor.
DCP_5317s.jpg (58602 bytes)

Gary & Corvette Powertrain Engineer Bill Nichols discuss
some C5 fine points as we wait for the start.

DCP_5314s.jpg (50129 bytes)

We're off!
DCP_5323s.jpg (51260 bytes)

Typical cheering sections along the route.
DCP_5325s.jpg (42979 bytes)
  DCP_5339a.jpg (36722 bytes)

Vettes in the mirror as far as you can see!
DCP_5329s.jpg (36349 bytes)

The parking lot after dinner at Bud's.
DCP_5341s.jpg (34298 bytes)

Sunday, June 16

The weather was even better on Sunday.
The judging field can be seen out on the golf course, on the left in the distance.

DCP_5352a.jpg (56315 bytes)  DCP_5248s.jpg (54202 bytes)

The Cardboard Corvette
Created by David Rusthoven, 14, of New Lenox, IL

This is a full size replica of a 2001 Corvette Z06, crafted entirely of cardboard,
masking tape and hot glue. The hood and doors open, and it features a fully
detailed interior. Dave put 400 hours into this project, using math to enlarge
the dimensions from a 1/16 scale model!

DCP_5237s.jpg (34735 bytes)
  DCP_5238a.jpg (46487 bytes)
DCP_5244s.jpg (44530 bytes)  DCP_5245s.jpg (36615 bytes)

Retired Corvette Chief Engineer Dave McLellan autographs the hood
and poses for photos with Dave and his Mom. By the way,
Dave was also a runner-up in the Essay competition!

DCP_5358a.jpg (37068 bytes)  DCP_5361s.jpg (37363 bytes)
DCP_5362a.jpg (35843 bytes)  DCP_5365s.jpg (36529 bytes)

Packing up

Now that it's over, all this stuff has to go back in the car.
It does, and we can still see out the back!

DCP_5368s.jpg (63292 bytes)
  DCP_5367s.jpg (69851 bytes)

The stats as we leave Bloomington.
DCP_5369s.jpg (34804 bytes)

Monday, June 17

Leaving North Ridgeville, OH.
DCP_5372s.jpg (44028 bytes)

Home again. The final stats.
DCP_5384a.jpg (28376 bytes)  DCP_5381s.jpg (25951 bytes)  DCP_5380s.jpg (28106 bytes)

Thank you Bloomington Gold for sponsoring and hosting
Corvettes Conquer Cancer once again!


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