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This was my 3rd time at this great event.
In addition to all the fun, we were able to send
the American Cancer Society's Montgomery AL office


Thursday, May 17



Reception at Solomon Chevrolet



Party @ Dothan Conference Center

John Hickman explains the rules for the morning's caravan to Panama City Beach.

My fellow Valley Vettes club members from Huntsville.


Friday, May 18

The caravan started at the National Peanut Festival grounds in Dothan.

The Caravan from within...

The Gulf from Margaritaville in Panama City Beach was crystal clear and glassy calm!


The bus to Pineapple Willy's. I couldn't resist capturing a Corvette Assembly Plant Engineer, on a bus: Eric Millette in black cap.

My Valley Vettes club members again.


Saturday, May 19

The Corvette Show at the Wyndham Bay Point Resort

Glenn got to sign the underside of the hood for his $25 donation to the American Cancer Society.


Saturday evening banquet, auction (for National Corvette Museum)
& 50/50 (for American Cancer Society)

The auction, with Kelly Walker, Jim Robertson and Steve Grilli, is the most entertaining you will ever see... especially as the lineup of empties expands! The total for the NCM was $12,000!


The 50/50 that I did produced an even $1000 pot, so the winner and the American Cancer Society each got $500! With Glenn's $25 made for $525.00 for ACS!

(ps: the poolside margarita party wrapped up @ 1:30am, an hour short of last year!)


Sunday, May 20

Back to Decatur AL.


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