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31st Annual Corvette Beach Caravan

Dothan AL to Panama City Beach FL
May 19-21 2011

Thursday, May 19

Departing Decatur @ 8:52am.
  11_3392.jpg (112467 bytes)

Arrival @ Solomon Chevrolet in Dothan, 1:00pm.
11_3400.jpg (133204 bytes)
  11_3401.jpg (153075 bytes)  11_3403.jpg (181309 bytes)

Party @ Dothan Conference Center.

Stan Kmet of Alpha & Omega Entertainment Group explains the TV series they are
developing. They participated in and filmed the whole weekend's activities.

11_3426.jpg (146281 bytes)

John Hickman goes over the rules for the Caravan to Panama City Beach in the am.
11_3430.jpg (148995 bytes)

Friday, May 20

Scenes from Caravan departure point, the National Peanut Festival Fairground:

Filming interview with Brian Webb by his ZR1;

Final instructions;


Escort to FL state line;

Mirror shot;

 No more escort... {;-D

Lunch @ Margaritaville in PCB.
11_3457.jpg (186400 bytes)
  11_3460.jpg (219535 bytes)

Dinner at Pineapple Willy's.
11_3479.jpg (200393 bytes) 11_3486.jpg (119435 bytes) 11_3488.jpg (189966 bytes) 11_3490.jpg (116892 bytes) 11_3497.jpg (115164 bytes)

Steve Grilli's "company car": a 2112 ZR1, VIN 6.
11_3499.jpg (182507 bytes)
  11_3500.jpg (149053 bytes)

Saturday, May 21

Show time @ the Bay Point Marriott.
11_3506.jpg (290350 bytes)
  11_3509.jpg (274417 bytes)

My first visitor, as I was still setting up.
11-PCB helper.jpg (149449 bytes)

Chevrolet had 3 special Vettes there. The white concept Z06X is something else: ready to RACE!
11_3517.jpg (236483 bytes)
  11_3518.jpg (151704 bytes)  11_3536.jpg (155785 bytes)  11_3542.jpg (193203 bytes)
11_3570.jpg (278911 bytes)  11_3540.jpg (269535 bytes)  11_3569.jpg (298508 bytes)

That's Drew Waters, of the "Friday Night Lights" TV series, who will star in the project series. He WAS a lot of fun, and HAD a lot of fun!
11_3566.jpg (277451 bytes)
The TV crew also did about a 15 minute interview with me right after this pic was taken.

Saturday evening banquet @ Bay Point Marriott

Karen Renfrew and Marla Grinstead spoke about the National Corvette Museum, beneficiary of this weekend.

I did the usual 50/50, and George, the lucky winner here, flashes a grin to match his $430 share of the pot!
The other half, of course, went to the American Cancer Society.

11_3575.jpg (198270 bytes)

Then the FUN began: the NCM benefit auction.
Without a doubt, the most entertaining auction ever! Thanks for that to Kelly Walker (white shirt) with help from Jim Robertson (yellow cap), Steve Grilli (red/khakis),
Kirk Bennion (black), Drew Waters (red/jeans). Special credit to Charley Robertson (white long sleeve) for gathering most of the auction items!
(Note the growing number of empties on the podium...)

11_3577.jpg (163937 bytes)
  11_3591.jpg (156186 bytes)  11_3592.jpg (170215 bytes)  11_3593.jpg (150092 bytes)

Sunday, May 22

Back home at 3:47 after a leisurely Sunday drive.
11-PCB end display.jpg (36926 bytes)

A BIG Thank You to Circle City Corvettes for such a great event, and for allowing me to display and to do the 50/50,
which generated
$430.00 for the American Cancer Society!


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