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C5/C6 Bash
National Corvette Museum
Bowling Green, KY

April 23-25, 2009

Always one of my favorite events, this Bash will always stand out.
Thanks to some wonderful people, we were able to raise
for the American Cancer Society's Bowling Green office!
See details that follow.

Wednesday April 22

Leaving Maine: 7:24am.

Spent the night in Philadelphia with my parents.

Thursday April 23

Arrival in Bowling Green KY.

Friday April 24

09_5427.jpg (122966 bytes)

The scene in front of the Museum.
09_5442.jpg (146218 bytes)
09_5441.jpg (118117 bytes) 09_5440.jpg (120596 bytes) 09_5439.jpg (136848 bytes)

And there's the CCC Vette under the checkered flag.
09_5443.jpg (140597 bytes)

Torch Red is back, seen here on the new for 2010 Grand Sport.
09_5445.jpg (132946 bytes)

In the new exhibit area were these 2 concept Vettes from 1968:
Astro-Vette and Astro II, on loan from GM.

09_5451.jpg (102816 bytes)  09_5453.jpg (129119 bytes)

Really fun dinner on the porch at the Montana with Shari O'Brien (OH),
Stan Kessel (TX), Dan Samento (CO) and Jim Juliano (PA).

09_5454.jpg (142269 bytes)

Back at the Microtel, I enjoyed this lot party.
09_5467.jpg (139481 bytes)

Saturday April 25

09_5492.jpg (181751 bytes)

Shari helped at my table all day, selling 50/50 tickets and allowing me to go
to the auction where the ZR-1 wheel mockup (foreground below) was to be sold,
splitting the proceeds between the National Corvette Museum and
the American Cancer Society. It sold for $630.
09_5432.jpg (173116 bytes)

 That night at the Margaritaville party, Shari again helped sell 50/50 tickets.

Bob Patrella, Tom Wallace, Liz Cooksey and Karla Wallace show us what a dance floor is for!
09_5505.jpg (139022 bytes)

When it was time for the 50/50 drawing I thanked Shari for her help. I briefly told the crowd that she had lost her husband Gary to cancer in January and that he bought the new Corvette he always wanted when he learned what he had and that he didn't have much time. They did as much traveling in it as they could. This trip to Bowling Green was the first trip she had EVER taken by herself; she did it because she wanted to help our cause.

The crowd insisted that Shari draw the winner...

...and whose ticket did she draw for half the $2440 pot ?

Jim Juliano's!!!
09_5513.jpg (121617 bytes)
Jim donated his share back, so that the entire $2440 went to
the American Cancer Society's Bowling Green office!

But wait, there's more: A few days later Jim informed
me that he could get a match for his share from his
employer, Pepsi Bottling Co. Thanks to Shari's help,
Jim's generosity and Pepsi's match,
the total
for ACS jumped to $3660.00!

Sunday April 26

Sunday was a very quiet time to pack up.
09_5516.jpg (140602 bytes)
  09_5518.jpg (142767 bytes)  09_5552.jpg (147074 bytes)  09_5553.jpg (126440 bytes)

09_5558.jpg (148921 bytes)

The new location for Sandy's brick...
09_5561.jpg (161586 bytes)  09_5562.jpg (206893 bytes)

From here I went down to Huntsville AL to check on a job opportunity
I had been pursuing since "test driving" it for 5 days the end of March,
and to scout housing options.

Monday April 27

I revisited The Printer Connection in Huntsville and met with the boss. Then I went down
to Birmingham to check out their branch office there. While there I also cruised some
Multiple Listings for housing options. I was NOT impressed with Birmingham
and the available houses there.

Tuesday April 28

Back in Huntsville, the boss set me up with his best friend, a realtor, and we spent
the entire day checking about a dozen properties, most of which I could
see myself in. One in particular jumped to the top of the list:

09_6187c.jpg (207451 bytes)
An immaculate one level brick townhouse with all vinyl trim, 2 br, 2 full bath,
gas fireplace, attached 2 car garage, quiet & stable beautifully maintained
neighborhood. Best of all, I could get into it for CASH from the sale of
my house in Maine. Low maintenance, low taxes and NO MORTGAGE - it
doesn't get any better than that! Job or no job, I was moving here!

Wednesday April 29

Back home in Maine... for the last time.

Back to the CRASH PROGRAM to sell the house...


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