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We got acquainted with "Yogi" in January of 2004 at the NCRS FL
Winter Meet where we were neighbors in the Vendor field:

DCP_4034s.jpg (119576 bytes)

He's been helping us ever since!

That's Yogi himself at Carlisle, with our new C6 that proudly wears his decal!
06_2995.jpg (271886 bytes)

And he even has our C6 on the cover of his catalog!

Thanks, Yogi!

Brian, Yogi's son who now owns the business, now owns the original Corvettes Conquer Cancer C5: It serves as the support vehicle for his own cancer support mission!

Together again here, with the Pink Vette in between! The 97 had over 210k miles on it and looks fantastic; the pink 84, over 100k; the 2006, 181k. Nearly half a million total miles between them, for a cause!