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Seacoast Vettes
Autumn Wallye
York, ME
October 26, 2003

This event traditionally marks the end of another Corvette Season. It starts with
the fabulous Brunch at the Beautiful Stage Neck Inn in York, ME. Participants
then ventured to nearby York Beach for the Walking Rallye,
looking for answers to obscure questions and hints.

AW 03 0002s.jpg (61056 bytes)

Yeah, this is what it looked like as I left home.
DSCF0003s.jpg (233848 bytes)

Shots at the Stage Neck Inn.
AW 03 0005s.jpg (121620 bytes)  AW 03 0007s.jpg (133669 bytes)  AW 03 0009s.jpg (162892 bytes)
AW 03 0015s.jpg (92969 bytes)  DSCF0019s.jpg (172280 bytes) DSCF0029s.jpg (131231 bytes)

Cape Neddick Light in York, also known as Nubble Light.
DSCF0039s.jpg (95712 bytes)  DSCF0047s.jpg (106218 bytes)

Studies in concentration, looking for those obscure details...
DSCF0056S.jpg (134489 bytes)
  DSCF0057s.jpg (175527 bytes)

Gate City Corvette Club had a dozen or so Vettes come over from NH for lunch.
I joined them at the Privateer Restaurant for a great meal and great company.

DSCF0050s.jpg (199828 bytes)  DSCF0083s.jpg (96997 bytes)  DSCF0086s.jpg (146912 bytes)

Final stats.
DSCF0087s.jpg (49445 bytes)
  DSCF0088s.jpg (45110 bytes)


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