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Founded in 1998
by Sandy Labaree

Now in our 19th year!

Last updated 03/13/2017

Our Mission

To be a contributor in the fight to conquer cancer by traveling to Corvette-related events,
distributing cancer information to raise awareness of cancer detection, prevention and treatment,
and raising money for the American Cancer Society's programs of patient services,
public education and research.


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You can contribute to Corvettes Conquer Cancer via

Just click "Donate" button, enter $ amount and credit card info!


Big News:

We are now able to take Credit Cards for donations anywhere,
thanks to an app and a plug-in widget for the iPhone to swipe or insert the cards!


Contact Information

Ben Labaree

    256-616-1412 (cell)
Snail Mail
    506 Springview St SW
   Decatur AL 35601-7333


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Sandy died at age 53 on March 6, 2000, after living with cancer for half of her life. Between treatments, she spent most of her last two years traveling the country, speaking at Corvette events, raising money for the American Cancer Society.

Late in 1997, at age 51, Sandy was undergoing rigorous chemotherapy for a recurrence of breast cancer that had spread to her lymph system. During the infusions, she would think happy thoughts.  These thoughts always included traveling with her husband, Ben, in her beloved 1963 Corvette convertible. The months of treatments dragged on. During each session her mind would wander farther, to distant Corvette shows, where she would speak about cancer - about detection and prevention and research - and she would raise money for the American Cancer Society. 

The images became more vivid, and, without realizing it, she wasn't daydreaming any longer, she was planning!

She told Ben, "I know this recurrence is NOT a good thing. As soon as I'm done with this course of treatment, and while I'm still able, I want to sell the '63, get a C5 [the newest model], and go on a tour of the country, hitting all the major Corvette shows, speaking whenever I have the opportunity, distributing cancer information and raising money for the American Cancer Society. Whatever it takes, I'm going to find a way!"

Sandy became focused on making the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour a reality! Looking back on it later, she would laugh and say that the idea was "drug induced"!

Corvettes Conquer Cancer
was born!

Click for more background.

In a nutshell, Sandy and Ben spent the last two years of Sandy's life covering 50,000 miles, living out her "drug induced" dream: the Corvettes Conquer Cancer Tour.

In her memory, Ben has continued with the Tour to the extent that earning a living will permit. He drove an additional 21,000 miles in 2000 and 23,000 in 2001. An expanded schedule for 2002, which included 8 events in 10 days on the Monterey Peninsula in California, had him traveling 30,000 miles! 2003 saw 22,000; 2004 another 22,000; 2005 a low of 17,000. After 8 years, the trusty '97 Corvette had completed over 195,000 miles in this effort as the 2006 season started. It was retired (temporarily) to the National Corvette Museum on April 22, 2006 after 201,370 miles. Ben moved to Decatur Alabama in 2009 and had covered 250,000 miles in the 2006 by the end of the 2016 season.

Sandy's mission became even more personal for Ben in the summer of 2015 with the diagnosis of prostate cancer based on a routine PSA test and subsequent biopsy. He had NO SYMPTOMS! It was removed by robotic surgery in August at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville. 4 subsequent tests over 17 months have found the PSA level to be "undetectable"!
Men: be sure to get regular PSA tests!

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2002 Monterey Trip
Click photo below for pictures and comments from our
FANTASTIC August 2002 trip from Maine to California:
8 events in 10 days on the Monterey Peninsula;
a total of 10,000 miles and 35 states in 23 days on the road.

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Please see Richard Fleming's similar mission in memory of his wife, Lorraine.


Become a Sponsor
to join these loyal and invaluable supporters!

Corvettes Conquer Cancer
Thanks Our Sponsors For Making This Mission Possible:

With sponsors' support to cover our expenses, our goal is that every penny we collect in our travels to
Corvette events around the country goes directly to the American Cancer Society office that serves
the area where the event was held.



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